About Us

Beweges Film Production is a compact, highly experienced video production company, situated at the heart of the infamous Oktoberfest, in Munich.

Founder Steffen Welsch, spent 3 years 'down-under' in NZ, and has applied the Kiwi ingenuity and creative spirit to Beweges Film, by offering cost efficient solutions using small, highly experienced crews, with a strong focus on detail, quality and creativity.

A range of international & local clients are reaping the rewards from this approach. Beweges supports them with everything from social media & online advertisements, image & product videos, through to tutorials & testimonials and drone footage.

Beweges makes sure the right Crew is brought onto each individual project, to ensure they deliver high quality, cost efficient end results every time.

Our Team

Steffen Welsch

Steffen Welsch

Founder, Owner, Director and Award Winning DP

Steffen's the reason Beweges came about. After 20 years experience in the industry as DP and Senior Cameraman, he decided it was time to have more control. For more than 7 years he has grown and nurtured Beweges, and strives to deliver above and beyond Client expectations. He loves being hands on, so works as Director on Beweges Productions, and also DP and Cameraman directly with Clients or Agencies when required.

Christine Welsch

Christine Welsch

Co-owner, Communications Director

Christine joined Beweges relatively recently in the capacity of Communications Director. After more than 20 years experience on both Agency and Client side of the Advertising, Graphic Design and Marketing Industries, she's a huge asset to the company. She drives the Communications and organizational side of Beweges, and ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our Address

Veilchenweg 25,
85521 Riemerling Munich,
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